I met Hans in London around 1999 as a quartet-playing partner. At the time he was just beginning his career as a maker and would bring instruments along for us to try. I was very intrigued and soon became intent on buying a new violin which I did in 2002, trading up with a second one in 2006 and a viola in 2008. I have performed the Mendelssohn and both Brahms concertos on them as well as many of the big ‘plays’ of the twentieth-century repertoire, sonatas by Bridge, Walton, Poulenc, Ravel, Ysaye – they have always served me brilliantly. I recently played the Bartok ‘Contrasts’ for which I borrowed my friend Ambrose Hogan’s specially commissioned violin for the scordatura so played two Pluhars within a few seconds. Another friend, David Hoyle, wrote the sound-track to a radio-play, ‘Never a Rose,’ multi-tracking parts for two violins and viola. Once again Hans’ instruments stood me in good stead. I salute him as a major talent!