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Hans Pluhar’s Violin Making Workshop is located in the vicinity of the Mozarteum Salzburg. In an atmosphere where Art meets Science, he creates masterpieces that have helped musicians win competitions and concertmaster positions. Pluhar Violins regularly appear in the world’s great Music Halls.

  • Fotocredit: B. GINDL

This Image Video grants some insights into Hans Pluhar´s working techniques.
It underlines the importance of customer relations
and sheds some light on perfectionism.



Sound lies at the heart of my work. Sound is intimate, complex and personal.

It is the musician who brings it to life.

I am thankful for all their wonderful performances and recordings.

Please enjoy these gems of recordings on Pluhar Violins.

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workshop videos

  • Fedro Duo

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    Recorded in Pluhar Violins Workshop this charming video features Fernanda Villalvazo on violin and Pedro Villegas on guitar, they form the new Duo Fedro. It is the first video in the series "Workshop Concerts" and also their debut recoding. They play an own arrangement of Guizar´s song "Sin Ti".

  • Duo Passacaille

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    Workshop Concerts Part 2:
    The violin- cello duo "Passacaille" consists of Guillermo Martinez and Florian Sattler. Here they present an own arrangement of the Bourre of a Bach Cello Suite and a duo by Godard.

  • Amaral-Gologan

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    Workshop Concerts Part 3:
    Nathan Amaral on violin and Andrei Gologan on piano perform the first movement of Claude Debussy´s Sonata in g-minor and Fritz Kreisler´s Viennese song "Liebesleid".

  • Shinoyama-Koshio

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    Workshop Concerts Part 4:
    Haruna Shinoyama, violin and Mai Koshio, piano pay tribute to Mozart in his birth city by performing a whole sonata (G-Major, KV 379) and are celebrating Beethoven´s 250th birthday with his Romance in F-Major, op 50.

  • Zakradze-Frisardi

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    Workshop Concerts Part 5:
    Niko Zakradze, young violin student of Maxim Vengerov and their piano repetiteur Irina Frisardi shine in virtuosic repertoire by Kreisler and Sarasate, in the middle the lyrical Thais Meditation by Massenet.

  • Kegelstatt Trio

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    Workshop Concerts Part 6:
    Chiara Sannicandro, violin, Gül Ersoy Pluhar, viola and Luís Carlos Juárez Salaz, piano, joined forces to study and perform this unique trio by W. A. Mozart, called "Kegelstatt Trio", originally composed for clarinet, viola and piano.

when art meets science

Intuition and Patience are desirable and essential
qualities in my philosophy as a Violin Maker.


Intuition has to lead knowledge but it cannot be out there on its own.

Bill Evans on NPR´s “Piano Jazz”

With a background as a musician Hans Pluhar relies on his intuition to understand how a good violin should feel when being played and makes choices in the construction process accordingly. Using technology to analyse wood density, bending stiffnesses and mode frequencies, and recording all relevant data on weights, archings, thickness patterns and models helps to achieve repeatability in tonal results.

the art of patience

Practising patience has become my motto.

Honing my craft, understanding musicians and excelling in business requires time.

Building on strengths and embracing challenges is part of this personal process.

Possessing patience is a powerful tool and enables quality through calmness.

custom made violins
by pluhar

Hans Pluhar’s violins and violas are primarily based on Italian models from the golden age of Violin Making in Cremona.

Being hand-crafted, each instrument is totally unique and bears the maker’s personal fingerprint both in appearance and tonal quality.

At the completion of an order, an instrument with pristine varnish and a well-balanced, powerful sound is presented to the customer. During the initial stages of playing it, the new owner has the unique opportunity to shape its tonal qualities as it matures, giving it a personal character and adding individual colors to its palette.

Please contact Hans Pluhar for information on available instruments and the terms for commissioning new instruments.
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  • Thomastik Infeld

    Hans Pluhar´s choice of strings are by Thomastik Infeld. Every owner of a Pluhar instrument is warmly invited to personally visit the head designer of  Thomastik Infeld Strings in Vienna to find the perfect blend of strings suiting the players taste and matching the individual instrument.

  • Mozarteum Salzburg

    Pluhar Violins is proud to have been commissioned to make new concert violins for the University Mozarteum Salzburg. Talented students have the opportunity to play them on loan. Pluhar Violins have been helping these students win several music competitions and auditions.

  • Instrument Insurance

    Since 2000 Hans Pluhar has been relying on musical instrument insurance provided by Lark Music. Lark Music’s services are highly recommended by Pluhar Violins.

    Click here for a free online quote.


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