Testimonials- Overview

Rupert Bawden

Violin, Viola, London, UK

I have performed the Mendelssohn and both Brahms concertos and many of the big 'plays' of the twentieth-century repertoire on Hans´violins and violas.

James Ehnes

Soloist, Florida, USA

I am so impressed with Hans' work. I would recommend his instruments to anyone without hesitation. 

Rudi Berger

Jazz violin, Austria- Brazil

Hans Pluhar’s violins possess a responsiveness and an ability to react, qualities found only on extraordinary instruments.

Mae Betts

Violin, Loughborough, UK

Simply hearing the sound of this instrument is music to my heart. It is a joy to look at it as well, so beautifully crafted.

Pieter Schoeman

Concert Master, London Philharmonic Orchestra

I fell in love with the Pluhar violin. I'm blown away by the depth and richness of the bass while sparkling in the upper register. I will never sell it.... ever.

Marleen de Bruin

Ast. Principal 2nd Violins, Philharmonie ZuidNederland, Holland

In a symphonic orchestra the violin provides a clear yet profound sound. In soloistic repertoire, in virtuose passages I can make many musical colours.

Werner Christof

Viola, Salzburg, Austria

I am playing a viola by Hans Pluhar. Full and rich sound, a very warm and smooth timbre - perfect for chamber music!

Johannes Flieder

Solo Viola, Vienna Symphony Orchestra

My Pluhar viola is characterized by a large, noble tone, it has no weaknesses, plays extremely pleasant and reacts in a very sensitive way. Thank you, dear Hans!

Nick Gazey

Violin, Hertfordshire, UK

I am now playing a lot thanks to the quality of the instrument not least- the sounds really cuts through the rest.

Harald Herzl

Head of strings department, Mozarteum Salzburg

Hans Pluhar´s violins distinguish themselves through a full, projecting sound. An instrument by Hans Pluhar is a reliable companion for a demanding career.

Lukas Hagen

Violin Professor, Mozarteum Salzburg, Hagen Quartet

The violin my student showed me is very easy to play, great resistance on the middle strings and the wonderful feeling to have enough reserves.

Maria Holzer-Graf

Ancora Trio, Leipzig, Germany

We have tested it in competition with historic violins from all over Europe, including some from Genoa and Venice. We concluded that your violin was more convincing.

Sebastian Holzknecht

Violin, Graz, Austria

Like a wand chooses the wizard, the violin chose me. It seems I can feel a soul in it's sound like a Samurai feels the soul of his sword when he touches it.

Shkelzen Doli

Shkelzen Doli, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Having searched for such an instrument my life long, I have now found one by Hans Pluhar. I was surprised that a new violin could possess such qualities. My "Pluhar" is one of the best modern instruments I have ever played!

Julius Holzmann

Violin, Herts, UK

The sound lifts you up and makes you thank with all your heart Mozart for the music and the violin maker for the instrument. And: The pegs really work!

Ambrose Hogan

Educationalist and Church Musician, Oxford, UK

It is such a pleasure working with your violin, that I don't know how I coped as a boy and teenager on the instrument I then had.

Yang Zhang

Violin, London Philharmonic Orchestra

After playing Hans´ violin for a week I had fallen in love with it. With the LPO we have performed at major halls throughout Europe, Asia and the US.

Ahim Horvath-Kisromay

Violin, Hungary

I won the audition for concertmaster in Aachen on my Pluhar violin. I never want to change "her". Real pure love.

Jill Jones

Violin, Devon, UK

Still love the violin and it is becoming stronger and richer with use. An extremely good buy for me.

Peter Manning

Conductor, London, UK

Hans' violins are without doubt amongst the finest examples of the violin makers art. Instruments for the world's concert halls.

Kevin Leung

Prins 2nd York Symphony, Paskke String Quartet, Canada

The depth of the varnish colors makes it really attractive. I like to compare the violin´s sound to a great soprano or tenor in a belcanto fashion.

Beat Marti-Leget

Violin, Switzerland

My Pluhar was very much appreciated now by a well known Russian virtuoso and wherever I show it, people are impressed.

Sebastian Führlinger

Viola, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Hans Pluhar´s bow hair is always of high quality and also in all other violin making related matters I have full confidence in him.

Nela Mendelson

Violin, Salzburg and Belgrade

The concert went really well and the violin was much more comfortable to play. Thanks again for your achievement. I am totally happy with my "high tech" bridge.

Katharina Pizzera

Violin- Actress, Vienna

The violin was lying under the Christmas tree, what a joy! I was 12 years old. It has been an essential companion on the theatre stages.

Michael Schmid

Violin, Staatskapelle Dresden, Germany

At the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg I played on a Pluhar violin. It´s powerful bright sound, richness of tone and flexibility helped me to improve as a violinist.

Camilo da Rosa Simoes

Violin, Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, BR

I've been continuously thrilled by its refined and projective sound. And it seems to keep evolving for the better!

Muhammedjan Sharipov

Violin, Mozarteum Salzburg

I am playing a Pluhar violin owned by the University Mozarteum. 
On it I have been awarded the 1st prizes in Remember Enescu and Ruggiero Ricci Violin Competitions.

Marija Spengler

Violin and Professor, London and Belgrade

Recently I flew from London to Salzburg to have a major restoration of my 17th century violin, and was very impressed with the superb craftsmanship and the sound improvement.

Johannes Wels

Violin, Donauschrammeln, Austria

Whatever quality or price range Hans has always dedicated himself to my concerns with sincere engagement. It is worth driving a few 100km to benefit from his expertise.

Visanee Vongvirulh

Viola, Mozarteum Salzburg

I remember that I smiled contentedly after playing the first note on his instrument. Because of Hans‘s Viola, I got „Sehr gut“ for the examination :-)