Johannes Flieder

Hello! My name is Johannes Flieder, I have been the solo violist of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra for 37 years. About a month ago I bought a viola by Hans Pluhar, with which I am very satisfied and happy all around. In my case one can not take this for granted at all, have always been on the search, have had a lot in my hands. This instrument is characterized by a large, noble tone, it has no weaknesses, plays extremely pleasant and reacts in a very sensitive way. Thank you, dear Hans!

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James Ehnes

I am so impressed with Hans’ work. The violin I saw last week had tremendous quality of tone, variety of tone color, and range of dynamics, with great ease of response and an almost unreal resonance in the lower strings! It is beautifully made, in the finest tradition. I would recommend his instruments to anyone without hesitation.

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Shkelzen Doli

As a violinist of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, for me the sound of an instrument plays the most important role. It should imitate the human voice, project well and have a precise articulation. Having searched for such an instrument my life long, I have now found one by Hans Pluhar. I was surprised that a new violin could possess such qualities. My “Pluhar” is one of the best modern instruments I have ever played!

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Yang Zhang

I first played Hans’ violin in 2006 when it was just one month old. After playing it for a week I had fallen in love with it. The violin has a mature and rich quality. It has a sweetness on the E string and a mellowness in the lower register, it is a beautiful instrument! Since then we performed (with the London Philharmonic Orchestra) at major halls throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.

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Rudi Berger

Hans Pluhar’s violins possess a responsiveness and an ability to react, qualities found only on extraordinary instruments. As you play them, you can sense the development potential, as each instrument grows enormously with the player — both tonally and characteristically — an attribute that makes a really good new violin. The violins’ clarity, freshness and assertiveness, but especially the dynamic range of the tone, undoubtedly bear the distinctive mark of the luthier, making it an original instrument of the highest caliber.

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Pieter Schoeman

I fell in love with the Pluhar violin which became mine 4 days later. Three days after trying it, I used it in a concerto performance with the Wiener Concert-Verein. The next day I bought it. I’m blown away by the depth and richness of the bass while sparkling in the upper register. The D string is unusually powerful too…. all in all an amazingly even and balanced instrument with quick emission of sound yet warm qualities that would shine under any circumstances. I will never sell it…. ever.

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Peter Manning

Hans’s violins are without doubt amongst the finest examples of the violin makers art. In sound they represent clarity and depth of sound and fine sound-colour variation with great amplitude and flexible tonal qualities. These are undoubtedly instruments for the world’s concert halls both within the symphonic, operatic and solo instrumental worlds.

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Lukas Hagen

My student showed me your new violin today, heartfelt congratulations on it! The violin was convincing from the first tone. Very easy to play, great resistance on the middle strings in the 3rd and 4th position range and especially the wonderful feeling to have enough reserves. G String as well as E String with a character of their own, however fitting in very well with the general character. It sounds very even and pretty much played in, although this might not even be the case.