Jazz and the City

While I am deeply rooted in classical music, my passion lies in Jazz.

Therefore I was very happy to be able to become a partner of Salzburg´s “Jazz and the City

The band “Exit Universe” with Susana Sawoff and Raphael Meinhart turned the workshop into a packed concert venue with people even listening outside in front of the doors! Thanks for a great performance!


Workshop im Workshop

In the first edition of “Workshop in the Workshop” Pluhar Violins proudly invited top experts in the fields of Nutrition , Yoga and Movement Analysis to help musicians reach their potential in performance and practise routine.


Strains on musicians´ bodies are comparable to those athlets endure. In sports however, nutrition and physical therapy are standard. In musical education there is a lack thereof, which was the motivation for hosting this workshop. Attendance was good and a lot of ground was covered:


Through right nutrition concentration levels can be raised and muscle tensions reduced. This has to be individually worked out with an expert. Depending on your type, eating and drinking habits can differ greatly.

Yoga strengthens and stretches muscles; through breathing techniques focus and clarity can be enhanced.

Decisions on the right warm up and relaxation exercises can be made by analysing the complex positions musicians use when playing their instruments.

Many thanks to

Michael Lex (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Ariadna Castorena (Yoga)

Bianca Günther (Integrated Movement Analysis)

for their time and sharing their knowledge.